Transmission Tools, Transmission Speedometer Drive Gear Calculator, Fluid Type Lookup, Wrench Converter

ATF Lookup Tool.
This Transmission Fluid Type Lookup provides you with the proper Transmission Fluid Type and Fluid Amount (Quarts) for your transmission. Using the Transmission Fluid Can below just select you Manufacturer and Transmission type to find your correct transmission fluid and amount. Your results will display at the bottom of the fluid can in red text.
Speedo Drive Gear Calculator
This calculator provides the necessary information needed in order to determine what transmission speedometer gear is needed in order to properly calibrate a speedometer. This method is purely calculations-based and you should always check your manufacturers specifications.
Torque Wrench Converter.
Calculates the conversion from Foot lbs to Inch lbs, or Inch lbs to Foot lbs. Just select the conversion type, and enter in your lbs to convert.