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Labor will only be reimbursed for repairs completed by a professional repair facility; Repair Orders from the repair facility must be submitted with the labor reimbursement request for processing. All labor reimbursement amounts are determined from warranty time hours in the current ALL DATA time guide at the rate of $50.00 per hour with the maximum labor cap indicated in your warranty documentation. Where applicable, transmission fluid will be reimbursed up to a rate of $20.00 per claim. Complete unit replacement claims will only be reimbursed when the alleged defective unit is returned and found to have failed due to a factory related issue. Field Repair reimbursement claims will be processed once the defective part(s) are returned unless otherwise noted by your Warranty Administrator.

Upon submission of a labor reimbursement request, you release Moveras, LLC and their distributors from any further liability regarding this warranty return.

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